Day to Remembrance - Photos of the outside world within us

Have you ever experienced a dream where you felt you are on a certain real-world place but it looked totally different in the dream? Do we actually remember places in the visual dimension and/or emotional dimension? Day to Remembrance project addresses this phenomenon and provides an insight into how the outside world might look within us.

Day to Remembrance project tries to capture images of real-world places as if we recall them from our memory. There are two main aspects captured. The first one is the dynamic process of appearance change of the scene in time and weather. The project utilizes the sunset period to symbolize the transition from the day, resembling the reality, into the night, resembling dreaming. The day reality is then the visual input and the night dreaming is the process of recalling the visual input and connecting it with emotions. The second aspect is the addition of an emotional touch creating the aforementioned connection of the visual experience with the emotional experience during the night and formation of the resulting image in our memory.

Every image is composed of around 100 single photos captured during a dynamic scene. The resulting image is constructed by a self-written algorithm which puts together 2-4 hours of the sunset period into a single astonishing image. This makes one side of the scene filled with daylight and the other side filled with night and lights piercing through it. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is used to detect monolithic areas in the image and strengthen certain patterns. Ultimately, this creates the emotional perception emitted by the image.

Lighthouse for Prayers - Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca getting dressed in a night robe
PragueSet - Enchanting Medieval Prague from Vyšehrad during sunset
Giant of the Taipei Skyline - Taipei City Xinyi District with the magnificent giant bamboo pagoda-like Taipei 101 in between day and night
Golden Chapel - National Theater and Mánes Gallery in Prague during sunset from the eccentric Dancing house
Jaded Ochre Pearl - Sand city of Marrakech marching into the coldness of the desert night

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