Michal Jirků

Michal Jirku

I’m a young creartivist, tech enthusiast and entrepreneur from Prague, Czech Republic. I have a close connection to Germany through the German high school I have attended and I used to live in Berlin for a couple of years. Moreover, I also spent some time in Taipei, Taiwan, where I thanked the Taipei City Government for the medical equipment help to Prague during the Covid-19 pandemic and thus one of my Prague artworks can be seen there. I’m currently residing in Prague, but as a frequent traveler I have visited more than 34 countries. My artworks can be found in private collections in Europe, North America and Asia with collectors mainly from entrepreneurial background.

My various academic backgrounds and interests such as robotics, brain computer interfacing, management and photography enabled me to sense the world from different perspectives. This brought me to the idea of experimenting with various non-visual dimensions of human perception like emotions, personal values, time and sound, and find ways on how to creatively convert them into a visual representation. My recent projects are leveraging photography and computer algorithms to combine visual, temporal and emotional dimension into a single artwork.

If you want to learn more about me check my personal webpage or contact me.